Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Staying Connected to God's Word

My Favorite Choice for Daily Devotions

I have used several daily devotionals throughout my lifetime and in my ministry. Some are good, some are better, and some are my favorites. These are ones that speak to my heart, my struggles, my passions, and above all draw me into the Word of God. Often times it is easy for the devotion to take the place of reading God's Word, but the best devotions are written in such a way that I am compelled to go back to the Scriptural text and re-read it again with a new insight into the circumstances or emotional perspective of the author.

A few years ago I came across a series of devotions written by Charles R. Swindoll. (He is the pastor with the daily radio program called Insight for Living.) This particular series was based on a series of books that were compiled into a devotional collection called "Great Days with the Great Lives" (2005). At the time I was working in a challenging position and needed to see, hear, and read about God's provision for those whom He had called into His ministry service. This book became my best friend. I would read and re-read the devotions and then read and re-read the adjoining text for the day. God used this book to speak to me and to draw me into a deeper understanding of His Word. The book lived up to its sub-title. It gave me "daily insight" into the way God worked to carry out His mission in the lives of those whom He had called and it also gave me a sense of peace that God would work through me to fulfill the mission to which I had been called.   
Great Days with the Great Lives is a collection of biographies taken from the Great Lives from God's Word series. Each day provides a Scripture reference and devotional thought based on the experience of some of the greatest heroes of the Bible. These are men and women whose authentic walk with God will teach us, encourage us, and warn us.

I found a link to purchase the book on google books although it may also be available in other stores and locations and in ebook formats. (Chuck Swindoll has written several books and devotionals but I personally believe this is his best.) If you are interested you can google (chuck swindoll books) and find links to many other resources that will enrich your walk of faith through his ministry of Insight for Living.

I pray that you find these resources encouraging and that they will draw you into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.  DCO Peter

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  1. I have also found this book available on Charles Swindoll's web site. Listed at $11 (well worth the price).


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