Friday, March 11, 2016

Discovering Your SHAPE for Ministry

Subtitle: Finding & Fulfilling Your Unique Purpose for Life

For the past six weeks I have been leading a small group of people through a study developed by Erik Rees titled SHAPE. The basic principle of the study is that God has prepared us for ministry and uses our experiences as a part of that developmental process. 

  • The S stands for Spiritual gifts which we have been given or are given at various times in our lives to carry out the ministry to which we have been called.
  • The H stands for our heart or passion that moves us to action.
  • The A stands for the nature abilities we have been given that make us uniquely suited for specific ministry roles.
  • The P stands for our personality traits that help us ministry to others in specific ways.
  • The E stands for our life time experiences. Each experience prepares us for the next leg in the journey. The highlights and low points of our lives collectively are used to minister to others in specific and unique ways.
I remember reading the autobiography of Dr. Oswald Hoffman (former speaker on Lutheran Hour Ministry). He related that every step in his career of ministry prepared him for the next step or another ministry experience later in life. This study builds on a similar principle. God gives us tools to work with and then sharpens those tools through the experiences and interactions that we have with others. Each of us has a unique design and purpose in life but these are not static but dynamic. As we work with the gifts God has given to us He blesses us with more gifts and opportunities to serve others in His name.

Do you need to get in S.H.A.P.E.? Let Saddleback's Erik Reeshelp you discover your unique Spiritual gifts, Heart, Abilities,Personality, and Experiences! A companion follow-up to The Purpose-Driven Life, this empowering guide will show youhow to unlock your potential, find your spiritual goal, and explore God's plan for your life.

Our class is coming to an end but the relationships and ministries are just starting to take root and grow. I recommend this resource for your use and pray that it is as much a blessing to you as it has been for us.

DCO Peter

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