Friday, February 19, 2016

The Daily 3: Forming Habits for Missional Living

What keeps you focused?

I find that I need tools to keep me focused. After exploring several ideas, most of which became burdensome, I landed on this simple formula that has shaped my daily walk with God.

Preparation: I take a few minutes in the morning to focus on God's Word and let Him speak to me through the Psalms. These are also prayers of praise to God and as I speak them, I hear God speaking into my life. Sometimes I briefly reflect on the ministry of Jesus and try to learn something new that will help me live with love toward others. I also ask God to show me specific engagements and to give me specific encouragements to share with those that I will come in contact with throughout my day.  

Presence: I look for those opportunities that God will give to me to intentionally engage, encourage and intercede for my neighbors, friends, relatives, or others throughout the day.

Prayerful Reflection: At the end of the day I reflect on the day's activities and opportunities that I have been given to live for Jesus. Sometimes I journal my thoughts, experiences and lessons that I've learned. Sometimes I just pray for the people that I have met. I try to remember something specific about each person to lift up in prayer and then I go to sleep.  

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