Thursday, March 17, 2016

Life, Love and God - a place for teen girls to find answers.

Meet Jessie Minassian

I recently was introduced to the resource page of Jessie Minassian. She has a great site and a passion to help young girls safely travel through the pitfalls that can easily swallow them up during their teen years. I will let Jessie speak for herself,
Welcome to Life, Love and God—a place for teen girls to find answers!
Hi, I’m Jessie! I’m an author, speaker and the resident “big sis” right here at, a Q&A website for teen girls. I’m passionate about helping girls embrace the God who loves them, and to help them apply His truth to their everyday lives. If we’re going to be friends, I guess I should tell you a little about myself, huh? Fair enough. Here are some of the top questions girls have asked me, and a few just for fun! - meet-jessie

What really caught my attention was Jessie's new book called, Backwards Beauty. It is designed to help girls see the inner beauty they have been given by God and not to be concerned about "beauty" that comes from society or peer pressure or media, glamour magazines and the like. Here is the promo for the book and a link to more resources, videos, and other helpful books by Jessie Minassian.

Have you ever wondered why you want to feel pretty? Or why it’s so easy to compare, put yourself down or freak out over a number on a scale? Get answers to these questions and more in a completely illogical way: by learning 10 steps to feel your worst. Join me on a journey of becoming the confident, fun-loving girl you’ve always wanted to be!

From a man's perspective there is nothing more attractive than a woman who lives for Jesus and has Jesus Christ living in her her heart. 
Blessings from DCO Peter

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